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56-year-old Yvonne Joyner is dead after a collision with a semi-truck near Webbers Falls

Tragedy struck in Webbers Falls after a Florida woman was killed in a crash Monday night.

According to the report, 56-year-old Yvonne Joyner was in the car with 37-year-old Christopher Joyner traveling east on I-40. Authorities say their car came to a curve in the road and Joyner failed to navigate it. This caused her to enter traffic where the real danger began. The car struck a semi-truck that was passing, causing Joyner’s car to flip and roll several times. The vehicle then left the road where it came to a rest.

Emergency personnel was immediately called to the scene and they rushed to get there. When EMTs arrived, they pronounced 56-year-old Yvonne Joyner of Dover, Florida, deceased at the scene. Christopher Joyner was also injured in the crash and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. His injuries were non-life threatening and was released shortly after. Authorities did not say what type of injuries he sustained.

Officers at the scene questioned the semi driver but that was not released to the public. Police are investigating the crash and are trying to determine if the semi driver should have avoided Joyner’s car. It will be a long time before the investigation concludes and punishment is issued. We offer our condolences to the Joyner family during this difficult time.

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