Aug 27 2017 0

63-year-old Dorris Steele slain in three car collision

A report released by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says a 63-year-old woman named Dorris Steele was left dead after a crash on I-40. Troopers say Steele was driving on Interstate 40 near Cromwell when the accident occurred.

So far, investigators have determined that Steele’s vehicle was stopped when a car driven by Teresa Leach crashed into the driver side. After the initial crash, Steele’s vehicle was then hit by a truck driven by James Akin.

Troopers are trying to identify what caused the first crash between Steele and Leach. They are trying to figure out why Leach didn’t stop, if there was time, before crashing into Steele. The condition of both drivers are being investigated.

Also, troopers are trying to determine what caused James Akin to hit Steele’s vehicle. Police believe that the crash between Akin’s vehicle could have been avoided. They are also investigating his condition as well.

Both Teresa Leach and James Akins sustained minor injuries and were taken to local hospitals where they were treated and released. Dorris Steele wasn’t not so lucky, after the second crash, Steele was thrown at least 5 feet from her vehicle. When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they pronounced 63-year-old Dorris dead at the scene.

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