Fatality Wreck in Slaughterville
Fatality Wreck in Slaughterville
Aug 24 2017 0

Albert Brown slain in Grady County crash

Monday morning saw the death of Albert Brown from Chickasha, Ok due to an accident. A report by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the accident occurred on U.S. 81 near Minco.

The driver of a pickup truck, Jorge Gonzalez was traveling down U.S. 81 when his car swerved past the center line. Gonzalez’s truck crossed into Brown’s lane and collided with Brown.

Brown was tossed at least 10 feet from his motorcycle and broke his legs and back. Brown died at the scene due to his injuries. Police are still investigating the cause of the collision, and both drivers are being investigated.

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Fatality Wreck in Slaughterville