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Alexa Torres arrested for causing a crash that ejected a 6-year-old boy

Alexa Torres was arrested for her involvement in a police chase turned injury crash.
The original report stated officers received calls about a stolen Acura in Tulsa. After a quick search, police were able to identify the stolen vehicle. Police attempted to pull Torres over without incident, but it did not go as planned. Torres led police on a wild chase tearing through the streets and residential neighborhoods. It’s unclear how long the chase lasted but, many drivers on the road were put in danger.
Eventually, Torres’ luck soon ran out and she crashed into a parked car. Police thought this was their opportunity to end the chase, however, they were too slow. After crashing, Torres was able to evade capture for a short while longer. As Torres got to the intersection of Harvard and Admiral, she slammed into a car containing a family. Torres was driving at high-speeds and the result of the crash reflected that.
A 6-year-old boy was inside the vehicle and he was ejected by at least 10 feet. Police called paramedics to the scene who arrived quickly. EMTs did the best they could and were able to save the boy’s life. The report said he lost about three teeth and bruises covered his body. The child’s parents were also injured in the crash and was treated at a local hospital. The condition of the boy is now unknown and we will update the story if more information is released.
Alexa Torres was arrested for her involvement and is now awaiting sentencing.
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