Sep 27 2017 0

Another Comanche County injury crash due to heavy rain on Lee and Sheridan

Comanche County sheriffs released a report about another injury crash that took place in Lawton.

Authorities say a vehicle crashed into the back of a silver Nissan on I-44 near Lee and Sheridan. Police were called to the scene and arrived shortly after. Officers quickly moved both vehicles off the side of the road to reopen travel lanes. At least one person was injured in the crash but authorities did not say who that person was. EMTs were seen leaving the scene of the crash.

A full investigation into the cause of the crash is being conducted to determine all factors. As of now, wet roads are believed to be a factor, but speed also is a likely candidate. This is the second crash in Lawton that is related to the rain Oklahoma has been experiencing. As the investigation continues, police urge drivers to slow down as they navigate the roadways on their daily commute. The names and condition of the drivers haven’t been released due to the ongoing investigation.

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