Aug 28 2017 0

Antonio Reyes arrested in connection to accident that killed Randall Whitehorn

The Whitehorn family may finally receive justice as a suspect in the hit-and-run case has been arrested. A man named Randall Whitehorn was killed after being hit along U.S. 77.

Troopers say Whitehorn started having car trouble the morning of the accident. Because of this, he moved his vehicle to the shoulder of the road before attempting to make repairs. While he was behind he vehicle, and unknown driver at the time struck him and pulled off. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they pronounced 64-year-old Randall Whitehorn dead.

Police have now identified the driver as 49-year-old Antonio Reyes Jr.

Randall Whitehorn leaves behind a community that loved and looked up to him. The members of his tribe will be feeling his abscence for a while to come. We offer our condolences during this troubled time.

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