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Are you knowledgeable of Oklahoma motorcycle laws?

Motorcycles remain a hot topic concerning personal injury and automobile accidents. This is largely because they are an unknown quantity to many drivers, and because motorcycle accidents often result in severe injury. While motorcycles are afforded the same rights and protections on the road as most other vehicles, there are additional regulations and issues that motorcyclists must concern themselves with, and these issues can vary by state. As a motorcyclist, it is important to familiarize yourself with a state’s stance on motorcycle laws and regulations before traveling through that state.

Some of the motorcycle regulations across the country can be very strict, and this is true in Oklahoma as well. For example, in Oklahoma, motorcyclists riding on the road are required by law to wear some form of eye protection unless their bike is equipped with a windscreen. And did you know that the handlebars of a motorcycle in Oklahoma cannot be higher than the motorcyclist’s eye level? These are only a few of the issues that a motorcyclist must be aware of in state.

Perhaps the most important law for many people is the state helmet law. Some motorcyclists prefer not to wear a helmet for a variety of reasons, such as feeling the wind in their hair, and in Oklahoma, they are welcome to ride without a helmet as long as they are 18 or older. For a more detailed list of Oklahoma specific laws regarding motorcycles, click here.

While it may seem unfair that motorcyclists suffer additional regulations, it is important to remember that these regulations are in place for the safety of the motorcyclists and every other driver on the road. Being able to see over your handlebars could be the difference between avoiding an oncoming obstacle and striking it. In the event of a motorcycle accident, having eye protection could save your eyesight from an otherwise blinding injury.

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