Sep 5 2017 0

Blake Lacy and Thomas Griffin were injured after their vehicles collided near Collinsville

A crash between a Chevy Pickup and a Ford Ranger left both drivers injured near Collinsville.

The driver of the pickup was identified as Blake Lacy and the Ford Ranger was driven by Thomas Griffin. A police report says Lacy pulled out of a QuikTrip parking lot when he drove into the path of Griffin’s vehicle. Police are unsure if Griffin didn’t have time to stop or if there was no time.

The crash resulted in Griffin being pinned for about 35 minutes before firefighters arrived with the Jaws of Life. After he was extracted from his car, he and Lacy were transported to a hospital in Tulsa where they were both treated for their injuries. An investigation is underway by police to determine what exactly caused the crash. As of now, police believe either Lacy or Griffin could be responsible but they will not name the aggressor until the investigation closes.

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