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Brian Bailey’s killers have been charged for their connection to the Oklahoma City hit-and-run

Marquez Taylor and Clarence Parker were charged early Tuesday for their involvement in an Oklahoma City hit-and-run.

The initial report said cyclist Brian Bailey was found dead near N.W. 4 and N. MacArthur. At the time, police were scrambling to figure out how the man died and who else was involved. Witnesses to the crash were the ones that called authorities and they told police that Bailey was hit by a black SUV that sped off. Medical personnel rushed to the scene where they were able to stabilize Bailey and transport him to a local hospital. Unfortunately, his wounds were too severe and he died the next day.

Through a long and intense investigation, police were able to make a break in the case with new evidence. They were finally able to locate the black SUV with damage consistent with striking a bicycle. However, there was additional damage to the vehicle that made officers skeptical. Investigators began assessing the damage to the SUV and sent paint samples to the lab for testing. The paint came back as a positive match for the paint used on Bailey’s bike. Also, police obtained phone records and cell phone towers place both Taylor and Parker in the vicinity of the accident.

Through further investigation, officers found out that Parker apparently tried to cover up the damage done by the bike by crashing into a guardrail near Marietta. Police have charged 44-year-old Clarence Parker with two counts of accessory to a felony and Marquez Taylor was charged with driving without a license, causing a fatality without a license, and fleeing the scene of a fatality. As of now, police have not stated the bond for the two men.



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