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Bystanders work to free trapped motorcyclist after crash in Oklahoma City

Emergency personnel were called to a devastating scene in Oklahoma City.

Reports say EMT’s were called to the site of a crash between a motorcycle and a pickup truck around 9 p.m. When emergency personnel arrived to the corner of Virginia Avenue they were met by a bunch of bystanders and the injured drivers.

Police say the motorcyclist ran into the back of a pickup truck after failing to stop in time. One witness says he wasn’t making a left turn, when the motorcyclist swerved past him and hit the car behind him. Police are unsure why the driver of the motorcycle was unable to stop, but the driver of the pickup truck could not avoid the crash.

As a result of the collision, the passenger of the motorcycle was thrown at least 5 feet from the vehicle. The driver of the motorcycle was pinned beneath the pickup truck. At this moment something miraculous happened. At least 20 people who were near by rushed to the aid of the pinned driver. It took at least six men and one woman to free him.

Both people on the motorcycle were coherent when they were taken to a local hospital. As of now, no charges have been pressed.

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