Multi-Vehicle Wreck in Oklahoma City
Multi-Vehicle Wreck in Oklahoma City
Oct 2 2018 0

Cache, OK – Man Injured in Hit-And-Run Pedestrian Crash

Police Investigate Hit-And-Run Pedestrian Crash

Cache, OK (October 2, 2018) On September 27th, a hit-and-run pedestrian crash happened in the 1000 block of W.E. Ave. Officials reported that a woman driving a Honda Accord hit an 80-year-old man and proceeded to drive off. When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they transported the injured victim to a nearby hospital for his critical injuries. The police have identified the driver as 45-year-old Sonya Tahchawwickah and are currently in search to arrest her.

Hit-And-Run Accidents in Pennsylvania

Hit-And-Run Pedestrian Crash in Cache

Hit-and-run accidents usually occur when drivers are in a stolen vehicle, lack auto insurance, have an expired license, or lack registration. Fear plays a huge role in the reason why drivers don’t stop after running over a pedestrian because they don’t want to get arrested. However, once the police catch them the consequences could be worse.

Some of the main causes of pedestrian accidents are distractions, unsafe speeds, and violation of the rules of the road. It only takes a few moments of distracted driving for drivers to hit a pedestrian. Speeding is highly dangerous because it doesn’t give drivers enough time to brake if a pedestrian is crossing the road. It’s so unfortunate that an 80-year-old man is in critical condition because of this accident. It’s very disappointing that the driver did not stop after running the man over. The injured victim could work with a personal injury lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit against Tahchawwickah to potentially help cover medical expenses.

At McGuire Law Firm, we understand how life-threatening pedestrian accidents can be for our clients. We do are best to assist our clients with every step of the legal process. We believe our clients should be compensated for medical expenses, especially if their injuries were caused by another person’s negligent behavior. If you, or someone you know, received injuries in a pedestrian accident, call (405) 513-5658.

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Multi-Vehicle Wreck in Oklahoma City