Sep 1 2017 0

Canadian County collision between a car and semi-truck left one man burned to death

A crash that took place on I-40 in Canadian County left one person dead.

Investigators say an unidentified man was killed when his pickup truck swerved across lanes of traffic and hit an 18-wheeler. The man’s truck was driving west on I-40 when he swerved and crossed the median. After crossing the median into the eastbound lanes, he then collided with the semi.

The collision caused the man’s vehicle to catch fire and he was also trapped inside. By the time emergency crews arrived, the man was already dead. It is unclear if anyone was in the car with the man at the time of the crash.

The driver of the semi-truck sustained minor injuries but none were life threatening.

In cases like this, people rarely go unidentified. Once someone discovers their loved one, it’s only natural they have questions about the death. In our experience, we know there is more to a case than what we initially see.

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