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Car Accident Attorney When You Need One

When you need a Car Accident Attorney OK.

Car Accident Attorney

There is a certain amount of inherent risk every time one gets behind the wheel and takes to the roads and highways of America.  Despite this constant risk, most of us do not know the facts about automobile accidents in the U.S.  This will help you in determining whether to hire a car accident attorney.

In 2017, there were approximately 10 million motor vehicle accidents in the U.S.  These collisions ranged from minor fender benders to serious car accidents that caused catastrophic injuries and even fatalities.  This statistic is not surprising considering that there are 222 million drivers in the U.S.  Furthermore, in 2017, there were nearly 40,000 traffic-related fatalities on our roads and highways.  In Oklahoma in 2016, there was on average 198 vehicle crashes every single day.

If you were one of the unfortunate ones to be involved in a vehicle accident and you were injured, the question is, “do I need a vehicle accident lawyer?”  To answer this question, it’s important to understand the seriousness of the collision and the injuries sustained as well as the circumstances. For example, if the accident was your fault, then it’s unlikely you’ll need to hire an car accident lawyer as your insurance company will help assist you.

However, if someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, then you need to assess the seriousness of those injuries.  If your injuries were minor, then you likely do not need a traffic accident lawyer.  However, if your injuries were more severe such as a broken bone, a head injury, or a herniated disc, then contacting an experienced Oklahoma car accident attorney is imperative.  Dealing with the insurance companies and uninsured driver on your own, without expert advice, can prove to be a disastrous decision that will upend your claim.

The types of injuries usually suffered in a car or truck accident can be quite varied, in both injury and severity.  Sometimes, the victim suffers a broken arm or leg.  Other times, one may endure a more complicated injury such as a severe concussion or fractured skull.

The most common types of crash-related injuries are Soft tissue injury These are injuries to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  The extreme force that occurs when two vehicles that each weigh a ton or more impact at great strength can violently shake your body to the extent that serious injury can happen, even when employing protective measures like wearing a seat-belt and having airbags.

While the most common injury suffered during a automobile crash is a neck injury known as “whiplash,” soft-tissue injuries can also include injuries to the discs in your spine. In these cases, the disc is injured to the extent that it is herniated and presses on your spinal cord, causing severe pain either down your arms or your legs.  Frequently, these types of soft-tissue injuries can only be repaired through surgery and may require many months of physical therapy and thousands of dollars in medical bills.

After a vehicle collision, your first priority should be seeking medical care, both for your own safety as well as to have a record of the injuries you sustained immediately after the accident. Doctors may also be able to spot issues that may not feel like problems immediately after an automobile accident that would have developed into catastrophic issues later on. Once you’ve received this attention and realize the medical bills and time off of work you may require, what do you do? When faced with these overwhelming circumstances, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  This is where you will need the help of an experienced Oklahoma auto accident lawyer.

One of the first questions that many injured people face is, “who is going to pay for all this medical treatment that I have to undergo?  Some injuries require people to go through treatments worth tens of thousands of dollars.  Another question is, “How am I going to pay my bills while I can’t work?”  If you are like most people, you need to work to pay the bills and to provide for your family. If you were injured in a car or truck accident, the severity of these injuries could be so substantial that you can’t return to work for several days or, in extreme cases, ever again.

When someone else’s negligence caused these injuries, it’s your right to hold them accountable and to seek the compensation required to cover these costs and that is what an experienced car accident lawyer will help you with. Because your life has been turned upside down as a result of a vehicle crash and your injuries, you deserve compensation for the pain and suffering that you have gone through like the hours of painful surgery or physical therapy and the permanent scarring they cause, and the physical and emotional toll of worrying about your job and your house all due to the negligence of someone else’s behavior.

It’s in these moments that you need an experienced Oklahoma car accident attorney. These specialized automobile accident lawyers can answer all of your questions and guide you through this traumatic chapter in your life. However, you do not want to hire just any lawyer whose office is nearest to you.  You want to retain a lawyer that has handled hundreds and hundreds of these cases and understands the nuances in them. You also may want a pedestrian accidents, bicycle accident, DUI accident lawyer that will take the time to sit with you and patiently explain all of the issues that you face and what can be done about them. An experienced auto accident lawyer will investigate the accident to determine who was at fault and work to gather evidence to prove it.  Your attorney will also need to aggressively handle the insurance companies to make sure they cover the cost of your medical bills and the burden of your lost wages as well as compensate you a fair amount for your pain and suffering.

The lawyers and staff at the McGuire Law Firm are here to help and to answer any questions that you may have.  As members of this community and experienced car accident attorney we hope and pray that everyone arrives home safe and sound, but when that does not happen, and you are injured in a car accident, we are here to assist you through this traumatic period.  It will not cost you anything to ask questions and to get answers. Call us today for a free consultation at (888) 352-0624.  A simple phone call might make all the difference in starting the journey to get you back on your feet and on the road to recovery. The road can be long, but with our trained and experienced team, we can ensure you reach your destination in the smoothest and fastest way possible.

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