Sep 17 2017 0

A car accident on N. 177 Ave in Owasso left one driver with major injuries

Owasso Police responded to an accident on the 12100 block of N.177 E. Ave.

According to the incident report, authorities arrived at the scene around 8:15 a.m. When they arrived, they found two vehicles at the scene which collided and at least one person had major injuries. Medical personnel were then called to treat injuires at the scene.

One of the drivers had to be transported to the hospital after the collision. Police did not say how severe the injuries were but, we know the person is still receiving medical care. As of now, police hasn’t said whether the driver will face charges due to the accident.

Police are conducting an investigation into what cause of the crash anccident and believe inattention was a major factor. The report did not mention the driver’s condition but we know police will be testing for drugs and alcohol. As the situation develops, we will provide updates to the story.

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