May 21 2016 0

Car accidents: 6 injured, 1 killed in multi-car rear-end crash

The alleged negligence of an Oklahoma driver reportedly robbed the community of Owasso of a loved and respected teacher. Reportedly, the ninth-grade English teacher was on an outing with her ex-husband and their two children when the crash occurred. Sadly, the planned day turned into a tragedy that involved multiple car accidents and sent six other individuals to area hospitals.

In an accident report, the Owasso Police said the multi-vehicle crash occurred in a construction area near Bird Creek Bridge. Reportedly, the traffic slowed down in the construction zone, and one driver failed to notice the backed-up vehicles. He could not stop in time and smashed into two other vehicles.

The teacher and her two children were all transported to the hospital. The kids’ injuries reportedly involved fractures, and they are expected to recover fully. However, the mother suffered catastrophic injuries to which she succumbed the day after the crash. No details were provided about the severity of the injuries of any of the other victims.

Whenever loved ones are killed in car accidents, the financial consequences that the surviving family members may have to face can present several financial stumbling blocks — not to mention the emotional damages sustained. Negligent drivers who cause fatalities and/or injuries to others can be held accountable. By establishing negligence, injured victims and surviving families may successfully present personal injury and wrongful death claims in Oklahoma civil courts. Once a court has determined financial liability, documented financial and emotional claims will be adjudicated.

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