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Car accidents are a serious threat to future generations

It is entirely possible that you have never been in a car accident of any kind, and maybe you are a safe enough, defensive enough driver that you will never get into a car accident. Perhaps you will only get into minor accidents that do not require legal action. However, can you say the same for your children? Small children are much more vulnerable to injury than adults, and even minor accidents can be devastating or fatal.

Car accidents are among the leading cause of death for children, and perhaps more tragic is how easily preventable many of these deaths are. Simply using car seats for newborns and infants can make it up to 71 percent less likely that they will be killed. Continuing to use a booster seat until a child is 8 years old could reduce the risk of injury by 45 percent. Of course, seat belts make individuals of all ages safer in the event of an accident.

Having a seat specifically for your child is only part of the battle. It is just as important to use the seat correctly. Studies indicate that more than 70 percent of such restraints may be used incorrectly, meaning that they will fail to protect a child in the event of an injury.

Unfortunately, the risk of injury to children will always be there in a car accident. No matter the circumstances, and no matter how minor your injuries may be, your child could suffer a serious head injury or broken bones in the event of an accident, especially if he or she is not properly buckled up and safely restrained. If you or your child have suffered a car accident injury in Oklahoma, consider meeting with an attorney to learn how you could be compensated for your injuries if you were not at fault in the accident.

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