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Car accidents come in many forms

When most people hear the phrase “car accident,” they think of two or more motor vehicles that strike one another. Of course, this is certainly a type of car accident, and it is arguably the most common type of car accident, but it is not the only type of accident that can result from automobiles. Cars can cause a significant amount of damage to a great many different people and things, and you can recover compensation for each incident if you are an injured victim.

Some of the lesser-known types of car accidents involve motorcycles or pedestrians who are struck by a vehicle. Motorcyclists are at significant risk of injury if they are struck by a car on the road, and pedestrians are sometimes struck in parking lots or while going along a crosswalk. Bikers and pedestrians in these incidents face a serious risk of injury or death, and just like car accidents that involve only cars, these victims can recover compensation.

Another scenario that people may not consider is that they need not be walking on the road to be injured in a car accident. Though such incidents are uncommon, it is not unheard of for a driver to lose control of his or her vehicle and slam into a building. Depending on the walls of the building, a car may smash through the wall, striking shoppers or workers inside. These individuals can also recover compensation.

Simply put: you do not have to be in a car to be considered the victim of a car accident, nor do you even have to be on the road. The truth is that if you are injured because of a car, and you can prove that the driver of the car was at fault in the accident, you could recover compensation. Oklahoma residents are encouraged to visit our web page to learn more about their rights as victims in a car accident.

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