Aug 21 2016 0

Car accidents: Crash at uncontrolled intersection kills 1

When lives are lost on Oklahoma roads, it is not always immediately clear who was responsible. The circumstances of some car accidents have to be thoroughly investigated and often reconstructed to determine exactly what occurred. A 29-year-old Lawton resident recently lost his life in a crash in Kingfisher.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the fatal crash occurred on a recent Thursday morning. The scene of the accident was reportedly an uncontrolled intersection at which both drivers should have taken due care. Officers say a 47-year-old Dresden driver was westbound with five passengers in his van. When he entered the intersection, he encountered a northbound semi.

The crash that followed caused both vehicles to roll over onto their passenger sides. The man from Lawton who was a passenger in the van reportedly died at the accident scene. An accident report notes that the van driver and the other four passengers were all transported to a medical center for treatment of unreported injuries. A subsequent report stated that conditions of the driver and one passenger were stable. The semi driver was released after medical care.

Whenever injuries or deaths are suffered in Oklahoma car accidents, injured victims and surviving family members may pursue financial relief by filing personal injury and wrongful death claims, as appropriate, in civil court. In a case in which it is unclear who caused the accident, it may be difficult to establish negligence in court. An experienced personal injury attorney can launch an independent investigation and, when appropriate, use that evidence to prepare a claim for the recovery of financial and emotional damages.

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