May 14 2016 0

Car accidents: Out-of-control driver allegedly causes fatal crash

An Oklahoma family was robbed of a loved one in a crash on a recent Monday morning. Car accidents involving wrong-way drivers often lead to severe injuries and even deaths. A report by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol indicates that the accident occurred on Highway 31 in the vicinity of Bokoshe at about 10 a.m. Three vehicles were involved in the collision.

According to the report, a 62-year-old Keota man was traveling east on Highway 31 when he unexpectedly encountered a westbound pickup truck that had veered off the road. That driver overcorrected, causing the pickup to crash into the eastbound driver’s car. Another person traveling east behind the car that was now wrecked was caught unaware and smashed into the wreck from behind.

Emergency services and the fire department arrived at the scene. Reportedly, fire fighters spent about an hour to free the man from the first car. However, he had succumbed to his injuries by the time he was extricated. He was declared dead by the county EMS services at the accident scene.

The drivers of both the other vehicles were transported to a hospital for treatment of their injuries, but neither required hospitalization. The surviving family of the deceased driver will likely need financial relief to cope with the high costs of end-of-life arrangements and other financial damages. Families who have lost loved ones in car accidents are entitled to pursue recovery of damages by filing wrongful death claims in an Oklahoma civil court. Documented claims for emotional and financial losses will be considered by the court upon establishment of negligence by another party.

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