May 26 2016 0

Car accidents: Texters may be held liable for distracting driving

While authorities nationwide, including in Oklahoma, work hard to increase awareness of the consequences of texting while driving, some lawsuits filed in recent months may send out the required message. Reportedly, every year, over 300,000 car accidents involve texting by drivers. Now, there may be new ways to discourage individuals who text people who are driving.

It has been reported that texters — those who send text messages to others known to be driving at the time — are being held responsible in several lawsuits across the country. It was noted that liability will have to be established in that the texter was aware of the fact that the other person was driving and would respond to receiving a message. In a case in which a motorcyclist died after being struck by a car, a judge in another state ruled that two individuals who were allegedly texting the driver at the time of the accident may be named as defendants in a wrongful death claim.

Similarly, the surviving family members of a driver who is killed in a single vehicle crash that was caused by texting and driving may be able to hold the person texting him or her accountable. Proving liability may not be easy, but knowing that legal consequences may result could deter people from knowingly distracting drivers. Resisting to text a loved one while he or she is driving may save that person’s life and also the lives of his or her passengers or occupants of other cars, pedestrians and more.

After losing loved ones in car accidents that were caused by mobile phone distractions, Oklahoma residents may want to discuss their suspicions with an experienced wrongful death attorney. Lawyers are skilled in finding the actual causes of fatal accidents, and they may be able to confirm or dispel suspicions before defendants are named in a lawsuit. Once negligence on the part of all defendants is established, the court may award a monetary judgment for documented damages.

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