Oct 20 2016 0

Car accidents: Woman dies while retrieving lost washer and dryer

Every now and again, freak incidents occur on roads in Oklahoma and elsewhere. Some of these car accidents occur when unsecured loads are lost from vehicles. When a washer and dryer recently fell off a vehicle, a crash with devastating consequences followed.

According to a report that was prepared by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the chain of events started in Okmulgee County at about 5:30 on a recent Wednesday evening. A 43-year-old Glenpool woman lost the machines on southbound U.S. 75 and pulled onto the shoulder to retrieve them. A second vehicle reportedly managed to stop behind the machines before smashing into them, but a third vehicle failed to slow down or stop.

The third car crashed into both the other vehicles and also struck the driver of the first car who had exited her vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle was transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-serious injuries. Sadly, the woman who lost the washer and dryer died at the scene. Troopers reported that the other driver’s condition and the circumstances that led to the tragedy remain under investigation.

The surviving family members of the woman who was killed in this crash may pursue financial relief through the Oklahoma justice system. They may file a wrongful death claim in a civil court, but in car accidents such as this one, contributory negligence may come into play. If the court finds that the deceased woman was partly at fault for failing to properly secure the load on her vehicle, the monetary judgment for damages awarded to the plaintiffs may be reduced in proportion.

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