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Jun 10 2018 0

Car And Train Collide in Ada

Oklahoma Injury AttorneyA train and car collided with one another on early Sunday morning in Ada, Oklahoma.  The collision occurred at approximately midnight, near the intersection of Mississippi and Arlington.  The car proceeded onto the tracks and was crossing over when it was struck by the oncoming train.  The force of the collision pushed the car back 200 feet before the train was finally able to come to a stop.

Police investigated the collision.   From initial reports, the driver of the car says they did not see the oncoming train prior to the collision.  The driver and two passengers were transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.  No further details were provided and the individuals involved in the crash have not been identified.

Oklahoma Injury Attorney

In this case, it appears as though the driver of the car never saw the oncoming train.  Certainly, this is an unusual statement in light of the fact that a railroad crossing normally has several warning signs, including flashing lights and a stop arm the covers the tracks before the train arrives.

In the event that there was an equipment malfunction and the proper warnings were not given, the owner of the railroad could face liability and would be civilly responsible for any injuries suffered by the driver and passengers..  Liability would require some type of negligent act which could be a failure to properly inspect and maintain the railroad and the warning signals on the railroad.

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