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May 18 2018 0

Child Taken To Hospital Following Pedestrian Accident

pedestrian accidentsA child is in the hospital after an accident between a pedestrian and a vehicle.  The accident took place on Friday evening in Southwest Oklahoma City on SW 9th and Penn.  At that time, a young child stepped into the roadway.  A vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed struck the child as they stood in the road.  The driver continued on after hitting the child and failed to remain at the scene of the accident.  The driver remains at large at this time.  The child’s condition is unknown.  Police are asking anyone with information to come forward as they continue their investigation.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are a common occurrence across the state.  Even though there are crosswalks, reduced speed limits in neighborhoods and traffic signs, many people still fail to yield to pedestrians.  This leads to collisions which can have severe and catastrophic consequences.

In this particular instance, matters are made worse by the fact that the vehicle failed to stop at the scene.  If the driver is caught, he or she will almost certainly face hit and run, in addition to other charges.  Also, they are legally responsible for any injuries suffered by the child in the collision.  We will continue to monitor this story and will bring you any updates as they arise.

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