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Apr 22 2018 0

Church Bus Collision Causes Minor Injuries

bus accidentsA church bus and a vehicle collided with each other on Saturday in Northwest Oklahoma City.  The collision took place at the intersection of N.W. 10th and Kentucky.  Oklahoma City Police arrived on scene shortly after the accident happened.  A person in the vehicle sought medical treatment at a hospital for injuries which were classified as minor.  Although there were about 30 children on board the bus when the collision occurred fortunately none of them suffered any injuries.  At this time, police believe that the accident occurred due to rainy conditions in the area on Saturday morning but gave no further details.

Oklahoma Bus Accidents

Bus accidents, such as the one that happened in Oklahoma City, are not the type of accident which many drivers would expect.  We are all familiar with accidents involving multiple vehicles.  We are also familiar with accidents involving motorcycles and tractor trailers.  A bus accident is slightly different because different rules may apply to the claim.

As an example, a city bus may be owned and operated by a municipality.  The municipality has different rules for bring a claim than a private auto insurance policy.  In cases involving other types of buses such as school buses, or privately owned buses, the rules may be even more complicated.  It is important to seek the help of an experienced attorney in these situations.  One misstep could result in your entire claim being compromised and receiving nothing for your injuries.

At the McGuire Law Firm, we have experience handling Oklahoma bus accidents.  Our attorneys are familiar with the relevant rules and procedure needed to bring a claim and successfully recover compensation for the accident victim.  If you or your  loved ones have been injured in a bus accident, please call us today at 888-352-0624.  We want to help you through every step of the way.

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