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Cooperating with Your Life Insurance Carrier

After a loved one passes on, mourning his or her death can be extremely painful. In addition to grieving your loss, you must deal with funeral arrangements, carrying out his or her will and claiming insurance policies. However, some beneficiaries experience roadblocks when trying to collect life insurance money. When an insurance company unreasonably denies a life insurance claim or unreasonably fails to fairly pay valid life insurance claims promptly, it is considered “insurance bad faith.”

When making a claim on a valid insurance policy, you should cooperate with your life insurance carrier in the following ways:

Provide all required documentation in a timely manner
Fill out all paperwork fully and honestly
Respond to calls and communications quickly
Keep a written record of all communications
Take notes of all correspondences between you and the insurance company
Make copies of all paperwork you send to the insurance company

You may need to send the carrier a death certificate, medical history of the deceased, an application for the claim and other related documentation. Some bad faith insurance companies might contest the terms of the policy based on supposedly inaccurate medical information. Sometimes they claim something went wrong during the application process. You may need to consult with an insurance lawyer in Oklahoma City if the carrier gives you a hard time.

If the insurance carrier denies your claim or refuses to pay full benefits, you may be a victim of Oklahoma City insurance company fraud. In these cases, you certainly should hire an attorney. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself.

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