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Apr 12 2018 0

Crash Leaves Oklahoma Man In Critical Condition

Oklahoma Car AccidentA Monday evening Oklahoma car accident left a man in critical condition.  Authorities with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol report that the crash occurred on Highway 75 just before 10 p.m near the town of Bartlesville.  The sequence of events started when a 35 year old driver crossed into the path of a 26 year old driver on the highway.  Both vehicles were traveling northbound when the collision occurred.   The crash forced the second vehicle off the roadway, where it rolled a number of times.  Police believe an unsafe lane change caused the accident.

The driver and passenger of the second vehicle were both ejected in the collision. The driver landed approximately 60 feet away. His passenger ended up underneath the vehicle.  Both are currently in the hospital. The driver is in critical condition while his passenger is listed in stable condition. However, authorities did not identify any of the individuals involved.

Oklahoma Car Accident

Unfortunately, this accident involves critical injuries.  It is a daily reminder that something as simple as a lane change can have life-altering consequences.  In this case, it appears that both drivers were simply traveling along the highway when one of them made a mistake, resulting in a very serious car accident. Similarly, many accidents like this one occur all across Oklahoma on a daily basis.

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