Deadly Car Crash in Comanche County
Deadly Car Crash in Comanche County
Nov 7 2018 0

Crescent, OK – Fatal Injury Crash on Highway 74

Woman Dies in Fatal Injury Crash

Crescent, OK (November 7, 2018) On November 4th, a fatal injury crash involving a 1996 Mazda pickup truck and a 2006 Chevy SUV took place on Highway 74. Officials reported that the driver of the SUV, 62-year-old Patricia Calvert, turned improperly at the intersection of Highway 74 and Industrial Road, and got struck by the pickup truck as a result. Calvert was trapped inside of her vehicle for about two hours before emergency responders arrived at the scene. Unfortunately, Calvert suffered fatal injuries. The police are currently investigating the accident.

Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma

Fatal Injury Crash in Crescent

Fatal vehicle accidents are always devastating, especially if they could have been prevented. Improper turns are one of the most common causes of vehicle accidents, more so when drivers are in unknown territories. Although drivers are required to be aware and alert of their surroundings at all times, thousands of people lose their lives every year due to improper turning. Even though Calvert made an improper turn, the pickup driver could have stepped on the brakes to try and prevent the accident from happening. More investigation will determine exactly why the pickup driver failed to brake at the scene, and if the driver was distracted. Once the police get to the bottom of what led up to the crash and who should be deemed liable, there’s a possibility that Calvert’s family could file a wrongful death lawsuit. It’s so unfortunate that Calvert lost her life in this collision. It’s also unfortunate that she suffered in her car for two hours before help arrived.

At McGuire Law Firm, it’s our top priority to help our clients receive the justice they deserve whenever they’re involved in vehicle accidents. We understand how devastating it is to lose a family member in a vehicle accident, especially if the accident could have been avoided. If you, or someone you love, lost someone in a vehicle accident, call (405) 513-5658.

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Deadly Car Crash in Comanche County