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Death caused by negligence could mean a lawsuit

Some people might think that a wrongful death lawsuit can only be filed if someone is killed in a motor vehicle accident, but this is not the case. It may surprise you to learn that you could potentially make a successful wrongful death claim for any death in which the negligence of another party directly led to the death of the victim. For motor vehicle accidents, this is often quite simple: one party negligently ignored the rules of the road (by speeding or running a stop light or changing lanes without signaling for example), which caused an accident that killed another individual who was obeying the rules.

It can be more difficult to prove negligence in other death cases, but it is not impossible. Consider medical malpractice, wherein a licensed professional who is an expert in the health field is responsible for performing a surgery or diagnosing an illness. If they fail to identify complications that arise from the surgery or botch the job, it could be fatal for the patient. If they misdiagnose the illness or prescribe the wrong treatment, it could be fatal for the patient.

Wrongful death can also apply to defective products, for example. If a power cord that has a propensity for overheating sets fire to your house and someone is killed in the fire, you may be able to sue the manufacturer. Of course it’s important to remember that laws can vary by state, so before you consider making a claim, you may wish to contact an attorney in your state that is familiar with wrongful death claims and personal injury law.

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