Four Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma City
Four Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma City
Sep 1 2017 0

Driver that killed 38-year-old Jessica Witcher finally sentenced

Police have sentenced 38-year-old Erik Moore to 15 years probation after his negligence killed his girlfriend.

Authorities say Jessica Witcher was a passenger in Moore’s car at the time of the accident. Investigators say Moore ran a stop sign in south Oklahoma City which caused a vehicle to run into his car. As a result, Witcher was thrown from the vehicle by at least 10 feet.

When emergency personnel responded to the scene, they did their best, but 36-year-old Jessica Witcher was dead. She leaves behind two children and a community that loved her. Moore admits that his negligence and inattention is what led to the crash.

The Witcher family is now able to have some closure after this conviction, but it may not be enough. Erik Moore entered a plea agreement in which he will serve 15 years probation.

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Four Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma City