Sep 29 2017 0

Driver turns himself in after hitting 12-year-old boy in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Police has detained the driver that hit a little boy walking near Rockwell Ave.

Emergency personnel was called to the scene by witnesses to the accident. The crash took place on Rockwell Ave near Nw 122. Police at the scene the 12-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle that was speeding past. After hitting the boy, the driver left the scene of the crash. Medical personnel arrived a short time after police and began treating the boy’s injuries. He sustained a broken arm and leg in the crash, but luckily he is alive.

The driver returned the scene a short time later and was arrested by police. Officers did not say whether the driver was impaired or not, but an investigation is being conducted. As of now, the driver was booked for negligence and leaving the scene of an injury accident. The investigation will likely yield further information about the crash and hopefully, witnesses can provide an accurate account.

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