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Dustin Chapman was arrested in Sand Springs after his vehicle collided with another on W. 51st St

Sand Springs police were called to the 500 block of W. 51st St because of an accident that left one person injured.

When Police arrived at the scene, two vehicles were scattered across the road and at least one person was injured. There weren’t many details in the incident report, but we know that police were able to determine who was at fault. Investigators at the scene obtained statements from the victim driver as well as residents and other drivers. After carefully constructing a story from the different perspectives, police were able to arrest Dustin Chapman.

According to the report, he was arrested for his involvement in the crash that injured one person. Police did not say if he was under the influence at the time. However, they will be testing his blood for traces of drugs and alcohol in his system. The injured driver was taken to a hospital outside of Sand Springs where they remain in an unknown condition. Chapman’s charges were not released¬†along with the report and authorities did not say what his bond will be. As details surface, we will update you with the latest developments.


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