Oct 24 2017 0

Edmond Police are investigating an injury crash that occurred on I-35

Edmond Police are investigating an injury crash that occurred on I-35.

The report stated one person was injured in a collision on I-35 near the southbound junction. The report didn’t say what caused the crash because the investigation is still pending, however, a few things were ruled out. Alcohol, road rage, and road conditions were all ruled out at the scene. Investigators are leaning towards inattention or plain negligence as the cause of the crash. However, this will take some time to prove.

The crash reconstruction unit of the Edmond Police Department is now handling the investigation. They will use the evidence available to recreate the crash and determine what could have caused the crash. These type of investigations can take days or weeks before the evidence is processed. Check back in a few days for updates on the story. The southbound lanes of I-35 are now open for driving.

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