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Elderly Man Suffers Broken Neck In Rollover Crash

Mechanical FailureAn 82 year old man from Cherokee, Oklahoma suffered a broken neck in a rollover crash Monday.  The crash occurred at approximately 10:30 AM on County Road 550 in Alfalfa County.  The injured driver is identified as Ronal G. McMurtrey.

Authorities with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrived on scene to find McMurtrey’s vehicle on its side, in a ditch.  At the time of the crash, McMurtrey was operating a 1997 Ford pickup truck on northbound county road 550.  As he traveled along, the front driver side wheel and tire somehow became dislodged from the vehicle.  At that point, McMurtrey lost control causing the rollover into the ditch.  McMurtrey is at Share Medical Center in Alva with a broken neck suffered in the collision.  He is in listed in stable condition at this time.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol report lists mechanical failure as the cause of the crash.  McMurtrey was not wearing his seatbelt prior to the accident.

Mechanical Failure

Some car accidents result from mechanical failure rather than the fault of any particular driver.  In this case, it is apparent that some sort of defect in the vehicle assembly or maintenance caused the crash.

In an accident involving mechanical failure it is important to identify the responsible party.  First, the driver must look to the manufacturer to determine if the vehicle is the product of a negligent design.  Second, the driver should look for other claims involving similar defects.  The driver should also check any maintenance performed on the vehicle.  Did a technician properly perform maintenance and assembly?  If not, there can also be a claim against a mechanic or body shop for negligent repair.

Vehicle defect cases present complicated issues.  It is important to have a lawyer who is knowledgeable of the law in these types of cases.  Attorney Kent McGuire has experience along with a proven track record of success in Oklahoma accident cases. Please call us at 888-352-0624 to discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys.



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