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Erma and Emmett Potts along with Keith Urban are in critical condition after a two-vehicle wreck in Stephens County

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released a report containing details that left three people hospitalized in Stephens County.

According to the report, two vehicles were traveling on U.S. Highway 29 just before the crash. Police say 80-year-old Keith Urban approached a north stop sign near Cason Rd when he decided to run it. In doing this, his truck crashed into a pickup truck going west on Highway 29. The westbound pickup was driven by a 74-year-old woman named Erma Potts who was riding with Emmett Potts as her passenger.

The collision was violent with severe injuries and all three involved parties had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment. The crash caused both vehicles to exit the road and Urban’s vehicle was found turned over in a ditch. Drivers passing the wreckage called authorities to the scene and medical personnel rushed to the scene. When they arrived, they treated the most severe wounds first and Emmett Potts was flown to Duncan Regional before being transported to OU Medical Center.

Erma Potts and Keith Urban were also taken to Duncan regional for treatment and Erma Potts also had to be transported to OU Medical Center because of her condition. As of now, no further information about their condition has been released. Also, the report did not say if Keith Urban has been cited or will face arrest due to his roll in the crash. The investigation has just begun and as it develops, we will update you.

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