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Rollover Crash Kills 68 Year Old Ernest Tullos

rollover crash68 year old Ernest Tullos died in a rollover crash Tuesday afternoon in Grady County, Oklahoma.  When the accident occurred, Tullos was traveling near Rush Springs.  At the same time, a vehicle attempted to turn into the roadway.  The turning vehicle collided with Tullos’s vehicle, causing the accident.  The impact caused Tullos’s vehicle to go across the roadway before it eventually rolled over, trapping Tullos and his wife, Carla Tullos, inside.  Ernest and Carla Tullos found themslves trapped inside the vehicle for approximately 20 minutes prior to rescue workers arrival on scene.   Unfortunately, first responders were not able to save the life of Ernest Tullos.  Carla Tullos suffered head injuries in the crash and received treatment at  a nearby hospital.  Her injuries are not life-threatening.  The driver of the other vehicle suffered no injuries.

Oklahoma Fatal Traffic Crashes

Fatal traffic crashes such as the rollover crash in this case happen daily on Oklahoma roadways.  In every car accident, one or both parties have some legal responsibility for the crash.  This is a concept known in car accident law as negligence.  Establishing negligence is crucial in every case because it determines which driver is financially responsible for the crash.  Negligence can be established by showing that the other driver was inattentive, reckless or that they violated a traffic law which led to the accident.

In the case of Ernest and Carla Tullos, it is not entirely clear at this time which driver was negligent.  At first blush, it appears as though Ernest and Carla may have been innocent victims of an improper turn. Improper turns are a frequent cause of Oklahoma fatal traffic crashes.

If you or your loved one has suffered injuries due to the negligence of another driver, please call us 888-352-0624 to discuss your Oklahoma car accident case.  It is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to help you receive the maximum recovery for your losses.

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