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Even police can be responsible for accidents

Police are almost always involved in a motor vehicle accident, especially if the motor vehicle accident was fatal for one or more party. However, when people consider police being involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents, they usually assume that the officer will be conducting an investigation into the incident to determine what happened, how the accident was caused and who was at fault. It is not often that you come across an accident in which the officer may have been the party at fault.

Recently in Indianapolis, a pedestrian accident occurred in which a man was walking in traffic and was fatally struck by a vehicle. That vehicle was driven by an off-duty police officer, who investigators later reported smelled of alcohol. Reports indicate that the officer did all that he could to help the man, including stopping to perform chest compressions after the impact, but it was too late. The off-duty officer has been placed on leave as the accident is investigated, but the department is adamant that it will do everything in its power to get to the bottom of the incident, reminding everyone that nobody is above the law.

Even though this happened in Indianapolis, it could easily happen in Oklahoma as well. Even if there is no alcohol involved, an Oklahoma police officer could simply get distracted at the wheel and be involved in an accident. Law enforcement officials are only human, after all, and they could make a driving error just as easily as anyone. However, if you have lost a loved to a fatal accident in which the other party was a police officer, you must not be afraid to pursue your rights.

If you can prove beyond a doubt that your loved one was not at fault in an accident, then the law entitles you to compensation, and not even police officers are above the law. If you have lost a loved one to a fatal motor vehicle accident in Oklahoma, consider meeting with an attorney to learn more about your rights. A successful claim will not replace your loss, but it can help you focus on coming to terms with the situation and moving forward with your future.

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