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Failure To Yield Causes Serious Accident

failure to yieldA driver ran a stop sign late Thursday, causing a serious accident in Rogers County, Oklahoma.  34 year old Daniel Kendall was driving a 2002 Dodge Truck southbound on North 209th East Aveue near Owasso at 11:30 pm Thursday evening.  When Kendall arrived at the intersection of SH 20 and North 209th East, he failed to yield at a stop sign.  At the same time, Scott Merritt, 49, was traveling eastbound on SH 20.  Merritt’s car and Kendall’s truck then met and collied in the intersection.   A passenger in Kendall’s truck, 31 year old Timothy Atkins, sustained serious injuries in the collision.

The Owasso fire department then arrived on scene.  All three men were sent to Saint Francis Hospital for medical treatment.  Merritt and Kendall did not sustain serious injuries and are no longer in the hospital.  However, Atkins is currently in critical condition with head and chest injuries.  All parties were wearing seatbelts when the accident occurred, according to troopers with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Failure to Yield

A failure to yield is a common cause of car accidents in Oklahoma.  A driver who fails to yield at an intersection for a stop sign or a red light puts all other drivers in significant danger.  Sometimes a failure to yield occurs due to driver distraction such as texting while driving.  Failure to yield may also be due to intoxication or unfamiliarity with the road or surrounding  area.  In this case, it is not clear was caused the failure to yield.  Typically a failure to yield is very strong evidence of negligence in an automobile accident.

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