May 11 2016 0

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Negligent driver fails to stop

It is not uncommon for negligent drivers on Oklahoma roads to cause the deaths of others while suffering no injuries to themselves. In some such fatal motor vehicle accidents, the uninjured, negligent drivers continue on their way without stopping at the scene. One such crash recently claimed the lives of two people.

According to an accident report by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the wreck occurred in the early morning of a recent Wednesday. Reportedly, a driver and passenger, both of Yukon and both 33-years-old, were southbound on U.S. 81 when a northbound vehicle appeared in their lane while it was passing a semi truck. Although the southbound driver succeeded in avoiding the approaching wrong-way vehicle by swerving to the right, the driver overcorrected and lost control of the car.

Another northbound vehicle smashed into the out-of-control car. The two occupants of the first car were killed in this collision. The semi truck and the car that tried to pass it allegedly took no notice of the devastation that was caused and continued on their respective ways. An accident investigation is ongoing.

The surviving family members of the two individuals who lost their lives in this crash will be entitled to pursue financial relief through the Oklahoma judicial system. However, they will have to wait for the law to catch up with the driver who allegedly caused this tragic accident. Whenever fatal motor vehicle accidents are caused by the negligence of other parties, financial relief may be pursued by the dependents of the deceased victims. Once negligence is established before the court, monetary judgments may be awarded for documented emotional and financial claims.

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