Jun 10 2016 0

Fatal motor vehicle accidents: Van crossed center line

There are many reasons for drivers to cross the center line, most of them deadly. Whether the driver is distracted or swerves to avoid another collision, crossing into the lane of oncoming traffic often causes fatal motor vehicle accidents. One such tragedy occurred on an Oklahoma road on Memorial Day.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported that the crash occurred on Highway 82 in Cherokee County. According to an accident report, a 42-year-old southbound woman allegedly lost control of the van she was driving and veered into the northbound traffic lane. A collision with a pickup truck could not be avoided, and three people lost their lives.

The driver of the van and a 51-year-old passenger were killed on impact, and a 20-year-old passenger of that vehicle was hospitalized with critical injuries. OHP said the 86-year-old pickup truck driver was also hospitalized, though it was reported that he was in stable condition. However, his 74-year-old passenger was severely injured and died after being admitted to the hospital.

Regardless of the reasons for drivers to cross into the lanes of oncoming traffic, the surviving family members of those who lose their lives in fatal motor vehicle accidents — and also the injured victims — are entitled to pursue claims for recovery of damages. They may file wrongful death or personal injury claims, as applicable, in an Oklahoma civil court. Negligence will have to be established, but once the court has determined financial liability, monetary judgments may be entered against the negligent party — or, in this case, the estate of the deceased driver of the van.

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