Sep 4 2017 0

A fight breaks out after an auto-pedestrian crash on South Gary Place

According to a report by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a fight broke out after a man was hit by a car in a Tulsa neighborhood.

Police have said that the victim was at his trunk either putting something in or taking something out. The driver was driving down South Gary Place when he struck the victim. Luckily, his injuries were non-life threatening.

After the accident, authorities said a fight broke out, but it is unclear who was involved. Police believe the fight started at the scene and carried over near East 15th Street and South Harvard Ave. Police arrived to calm the scene and the driver of the vehicle was apprehended.

In addition to the accident and the altercation, police also arrested the man on the suspicion he was under the influence of alcohol. The victim took himself to the hospital where his injuries were treated. Police haven’t released any more details about the names or conditions of the people involved. They also have not released the charges against the driver.

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