Oct 7 2017 0

Flooding on I-35 caused a two vehicle crash in Cleveland Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released a report about a crash that was caused by flooding in Cleveland, Oklahoma.

According to the report, there was still some damage from heavy rains that hit Oklahoma. Two vehicles were traveling north on I-35 before the crash. This particular part of I-35 outside of Cleveland still had some flood damage, but police believe speed was a factor. It is not clear if road markers warned drivers of the flooding or how much traffic was in the area. Only the two vehicles were involved and both drivers sustained minor injuries from the crash.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and police and tow trucks began to clear the road. Both cars were moved to the shoulder of the road partially blocking the lane. While this was going on, EMTs treated both of the drivers for their injuries. Both were taken to the hospital for further treatment and their identities are being withheld by police until the investigation concludes. Neither driver was cited in the crash, likely no criminal charges will be pressed.

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