Oct 13 2017 0

Good Samaritan hit while attending to driver who suffered medical episode

Tulsa Police say two people were hospitalized after a medical condition caused a crash.

According to the report, a vehicle was traveling north on Hudson Ave. As the vehicle neared E. 51st St., police say the driver went through a medical episode. This caused the driver to lose control of his vehicle which then, crashed into a suburban backyard. Luckily, two people saw the incident happen and one worked in the medical field. As they went to help the man, one of them was struck by a second car.

The report didn’t say who called the police but the driver that suffered the medical episode was transported to the hospital. Also, the person who was struck by the second vehicle was taken to the hospital and is in unknown condition. There has been no word from the APD about the second driver and whether they will face punishment. As far as we know, the APD is conducting an investigation into the crash.

We hope those involved are regaining their strength and building a better life after the crash. Check back for more updates on the situation.

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