Six-Car Injury Wreck in Tulsa
Six-Car Injury Wreck in Tulsa
Oct 10 2018 0

Grant, OK – Three-Person Injury Wreck on U.S. 271

Police Investigate Three-Person Injury Wreck

Grant, OK (October 10, 2018) On October 10th, a three-person injury collision occurred along U.S. 271 in Choctaw County. Officials reported that a 23-year old named Dakota Hoff drove his 2003 Chevrolet along the highway and just as he attempted to make a left turn, his vehicle was struck by a 2009 Chevrolet. When emergency responders arrived at the scene to help, they found one of the passengers in Hoff’s vehicle dead. Hoff and another passenger were transported to the hospital for head injuries. The accident is undergoing investigation.

Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma

Three-Person Injury Wreck in Grant

The most devastating aspect of vehicle accidents is that drivers and passengers usually suffer from some type of injuries. Injuries usually range from minor to fatal depending on the impact of the accident. Even if an accident is deemed minor, it’s still important for injured victims to continue to get periodical check ups in the event that symptoms worsen, or new symptoms develop. The most common injuries are traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, limb injuries, and internal injuries. It’s highly unfortunate that a life was lost, and two people were injured in this accident. Once the police finish the investigation, personal injury lawsuits and a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed with the help of an attorney.

At McGuire Law Firm, we understand how life-altering vehicle accidents can be for our clients and their loved ones. We do everything we can to best assist our clients during such a tough time. We believe our clients should receive compensation for damages and losses they aren’t responsible for causing. If you, or someone you know, was involved in a vehicle accident, call (405) 513-5658.

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Six-Car Injury Wreck in Tulsa