Four Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma City
Four Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma City
Sep 10 2017 0

Gregory Guffee arrested after a rollover accident on Highway 97

Sand Springs police released an incident report about an accident on S Highway 97 Expressway.

Authorities say two vehicles were driving northbound on Highway 97 near the bridge. Police say a vehicle driven by a man named Gregory Guffee caused the accident but the details of the other driver were not released. Police say the accident occurred on the southern end of the bridge resulting in a rollover accident. Authorities are investigating the exact cause of the crash and believe alcohol may have been a factor.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and treated the driver of the other vehicle. The injuries were non-life threatening but the driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Gregory Guffee was arrested at the scene for the accident but police haven’t released his charges. As the details develop we will provide updates to the story. If you have any information about the accident, call the local Sand Springs Sherrif Department.

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Four Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma City