OKC car accident lawyer
OKC car accident lawyer
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Have You Been Injured in a Rear-End Automobile Accident?

Rear-end accidents are some of the most common automobile accidents. When you think of a rear-end accident you may think of a case that is not overly complicated and does not wield significant injuries. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, some of the most serious symptoms can start after a rear-end accident and you may wonder where to turn for help. With experience in vehicle accidents, we can help you understand how a rear-end collision can happen, the injuries you could sustain, and how we can help.

Factors Involved in These Accidents

Some of the most common factors involved in these accidents include the following:

  • Tailgating, which means the car behind can’t stop quickly enough when the driver in front comes to a sudden stop
  • Distractions from cell phone use, listening to loud music, conversations with passengers, and more
  • Weather conditions like rain and snow that lead to unsuitable driving conditions
  • Road defects like potholes
  • Accidents that cause cars to suddenly stop

Common Injuries Associated With Rear-End Accidents

OKC car accident lawyerWhiplash: Perhaps one of the most common injuries in these cases is whiplash, which encompasses all soft tissue damage to the neck. When a person is rear-ended, the impact will propel the body forward while the head stays in place, which leads to a whip-like motion to the neck. These injuries can sometimes be difficult to prove, as there have been many people who took advantage of whiplash claims and played off the injury even though they haven’t actually sustained one. This is why it’s best to have an attorney on your side if you have sustained one of these complex injuries

Back Injuries: Compression of the spine and disks in your back can occur when you have been hit rear-end. Those who sustain these types of injuries can experience extreme pain and soreness.

Facial Injuries From Airbags: Airbags tend to deploy at speeds of 20 miles per hour and more. If your airbag doesn’t deploy, you could risk smashing your face into the steering wheel. If it does, you could sustain lacerations, contusions, scrapes, and more. People have even experienced facial burning from airbag impact.

Seatbelt Injuries: When your torso thrusts forward in an accident, you could gain lacerations or bruises to your hip, chest, and torso from the seatbelt. 

How Fault is Determined

In some rear-end situations, a lawsuit may not be necessary since it is presumed that drivers who rear-end are automatically at fault – however, this may not always be the case depending on the circumstances. This is why it is a good idea to have an attorney on your side. When you bring your claim against the party that rear-ended you, the driver or their insurance company could be responsible for the damages that result. (3)

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, it’s time to turn to an attorney who has experience in these cases and can help you through all the complicated aspects of your case. At the McGuire Law Firm, we are waiting to hear from you, so set up your free consultation today to talk to us immediately after your accident. Call us at 888-352-0624 and we’ll get started.





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OKC car accident lawyer