Sep 27 2017 0

Heavy rain may have caused collision on 67th and Lee in Lawton

Authorities in Lawton released a report about a two-vehicle collision that took place at the intersection of 67th and Lee.

Emergency personnel responded to calls about an early morning accident that took place near 67th and Lee. A black SUV and gray mini-coop were both traveling near each other when the heavy rain caused one of the drivers to lose control of their vehicle. The collision forced the SUV off the road and the coop was badly damaged. It’s believed that one of the drivers was injured in the crash. The mini-coop was spotted being towed from the scene.

Officers did not say how bad the injuries were but we know they were non-life threatening. Investigators with Lawton Police are looking into the crash to determine what caused it. They know rain was a factor, however, speed and inattention also may have contributed to the crash. Neither driver was cited at the scene and it will likely take weeks before the investigation concludes.

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