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May 5 2018 0

Highway Crash Kills 15 Year Old Bicyclist

Bicycle accidentA 15 year old is dead following an accident on Friday in Salina, Oklahoma.  The 15 year old was riding his bicycle southbound along State Highway 82 around 3:15 pm on Friday.  While the boy was riding his bicycle, a 16 year old was also operating a vehicle southbound on Highway 82.  Eventually, police say that the 16 year old’s car collided with the 15 year old’s bicycle.  Unfortunately, the 15 year old died of his injuries the scene of the crash.  Neither the 16 year old or the 15 year old were identified by authorities.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is in charge of the accident investigation.  At this time, there are no further updates regarding the cause of the bicycle accident.

Bicycle Accident

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find bicycle riders all over the road.  Some of them enjoy cycling as a hobby while some do not have access to a car and others are riding for enjoyment.   The rules of the road apply for bicyclists the same as those driving vehicles.  Bicyclists are required to obey road signs, yield when indicated and stop at stop signs.  This helps not only to keep the bicyclist, but also other vehicles and their drivers safe.

In this tragic case, a child lost his life while riding his bicycle.  As of now, it is unclear why the child rode a bike on the highway.  It is also unclear what led to the accident occurring as authorities continue to investigate the cause.  As we hear further updates,we will pass them along.

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