Sep 8 2017 0

Hit-and-run suspect Tanner Watts arrested after fatally striking 37-yea-old Eric Grant in Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Police Department has arrested a man who fatally struck a pedestrian while street racing.

Authorities say Tanner Watts was racing in the northwestern part of Oklahoma City around 10 p.m. The race took Watts to N.W. 63rd and Rockwell where a man was crossing the street. It’s unclear if Watts did not see the man, or if it was too late to avoid him but, Watts’ vehicle slammed into the man. The man was identified as 37-year-old Eric Grant. After hitting the man, Watts fled the scene. Police are unsure if he left because he was scared or because he wanted to finish the race.

A passerby called the police about a man lying in the road. When medical personnel arrived, Eric Grant was pronounced dead. Shortly after the crash, police were able to track down the vehicle along with its driver Tanner Watts. He is now in jail and police haven’t released his bond information at this time. Police are also looking for a BMW with a drop-top. They believe the driver of this vehicle saw the auto-pedestrian collision.

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