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How common are truck accidents?

We often talk about the dangers of truck accidents: how much damage they can cause, how complex the legal process is and how they might affect the victims. But simply talking about truck accidents may leave you wondering just how serious the issue is. After all, truck drivers are licensed professionals, and how many of us have actually ever seen a truck accident? If you’ve never seen or been involved in a truck accident, you are lucky, but that does not mean that truck accidents don’t happen.

Across the United States, fatal truck accidents occur more than 10 times a day, with almost 4,000 people being killed in truck accidents annually; this includes Oklahoma. Of course those are only the instances in which someone died. When you look at injuries, you will find that more than 100,000 people suffer injury in a truck accident every year. All of this data was compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the numbers indicate that the problem is getting worse.

In the last five years, truck-crash fatalities have gone up, and the accidents are caused by a myriad reasons. From tired drivers to company negligence, any truck could be at risk of causing an accident, and we wouldn’t know until it was too late. What’s particularly strange about this is that any other industry or process that caused this many annual injuries and deaths would surely be cause for concern, but trucking companies have found loopholes that allow them to get around safety regulations.

Fortunately for victims of truck accidents, they are not completely alone. While lawmakers might not be working to deal with the problem, personal injury attorneys have extensive experience handling truck accident cases. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, consider meeting with an attorney to discuss your case. An attorney not be able to prevent truck accidents, but they may be able to help victims get compensated for their injuries.

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