Multi-Vehicle Injury Collision in Duncan
Multi-Vehicle Injury Collision in Duncan
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How Distracted Driving Causes Many Truck Accidents in the U.S.

Driving demands every bit of your attention on the roadways. This is also true for commercial truckers, who drive the largest vehicles on the roads, and are capable of causing some of the most catastrophic accidents when there is a slip-up. Perhaps you have been injured in a truck accident due to distracted driving, of which there are many accidents every year. Today we will look at the many ways that truck drivers become distracted, and how we can lower these rates as a whole in the U.S.

From DMV website (2018, April 13th). Retrieved Feb 21, 2018

There are three types of driving distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive distractions. Visual distractions can be prevented if we keep our eyes on the road, manual if all adjustments are made before driving, and cognitive if you stay focused when you are driving.

The Many Driver Distractions

Distracted driver lawyerDistracted DrivingUsing a Cell Phone: Driving for long periods of time can be a tedious task, which is why many truck drivers turn to their cell phones to text or make calls. However, just to read a series of text messages can end in disaster, because it could remove your eyes from the road anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds! Just because a driver is looking straight ahead does not mean that they’re paying attention to the road.

Eating: Drivers could become hungry, which means they reach for lunch or a snack. Eating or drinking can take a driver’s eyes from the road because it takes seconds for them to look and reach for something sitting on their seat or the floor.

Driving Under the Influence: Drinking and driving can and does happen amongst those distracted who drive commercial trucks from time to time. It can certainly have deadly consequences when it does occur.

Breaking HOS: Hours of service (HOS) are put into place for a reason – so truck drivers can get ample sleep and feel refreshed without falling asleep at the wheel. However, some companies push for their drivers to continue driving even when they’re not supposed to, breaking these rules. Studies have shown us that over half of commercial drivers violate the HOS.  

Using a GPS: A GPS is meant to give a truck driver guidance, but can also be a dangerous tool. Setting a GPS while driving 60 mph on the highway could lead to deadly consequences, which is why they should always be set up beforehand.

Safety Tips

From FMCSA website (2015, March 31). Retrieved Feb 21, 2018

Of course, it never hurts to learn some tips to ensure optimal safety on the roads:

  • Never text while driving. It is actually illegal for commercial vehicle drivers to do so. A 2009 study reveals that text messaging while driving can increase the chance of an accident 23 times!
  • Drivers should never read, write, or read a printed map while you are in the middle of driving. Though maps are a part of a truck driver’s job, they create a big risk, which is why the use of GPS units is utilized more and more.  
  • Always eat before entering the roadway. Not only could your eyes be taken off the road while driving, but you could spill your food on yourself, which distracts you more.

Every driver on the roads can benefit from some useful tips. But perhaps you have already been injured in an accident due to the negligence of a truck driver or company, and you wonder where to turn next. If distracted driving was prevalent in your case, you surely have reason to file a claim and we can get the most out of your case. We want to help you at the McGuire Law Firm. Let us make an impact on your case and get you the best results by calling us at 888-352-0624.

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